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Fourteen Songs of Lou & Peter Berryman


Compass Rose Music
CRM-14, 2013

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with: Peter Davis (tenor banjo, clarinet, saxophone), John Kirk (fiddle and viola), Nathaniel Parke (cello), Scott Petito (bass), Pete Sutherland (piano and fiddle), Jennifer Weeks (oboe), Jack Williams (guitar)

We admit it. We are huge fans of Lou & Peter Berryman and their songs. Over the years, we've recorded several, and now we've bowed to our better natures and recorded a whole album of their wonderful, wicked, insightful, and zany works.

Read Doug Moe's article in the Wisconsin State Journal


  1. It's Better Than That (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1984)

    Kids have no idea. (lyrics)

  2. Your State's Name Here (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1988)

    We all love our native home. (lyrics)

  3. Do You Believe In Me (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1996)

    Be careful who you ask. (lyrics)

  4. Mr & Mrs Noah (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2001)

    Did you ever wonder if maybe some got left behind? (lyrics)

  5. An Hour Away (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2000)

    The road warrior's nightmare. (lyrics)

  6. Talking at the Same Time (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2000)

    Just what it says. (lyrics)

  7. Red Kimono (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1996)

    For those of us unstuck in time and place. (lyrics)

  8. Walking With Roget (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2007)

    Ah, the beauty of language. (lyrics)

  9. A Chat With Your Mom (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1984)

    Mothers are like that. (lyrics)

  10. Whose Is Yours? (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2000)

    If you've ever wondered about your nose ... (lyrics)

  11. Ralph to Rose (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2003)

    Dogs can talk! (lyrics)

  12. Now Everything Does (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2011)

    A wistful reminiscence. (lyrics)

  13. Family Car (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1988)

    Yes, there is a safety net. (lyrics)

  14. Double Yodel (Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1995)

    Just what it says. (lyrics)

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